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Gnosis Chain brings time-tested tech to a connected, innovative environment.

Established in 2018 as the xDai Chain, the updated Gnosis Chain gives devs the tools and resources they need to create enhanced user experiences and optimized applications.

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Why Gnosis Chain (GC)?

GC is a feature-rich, user-centered blockchain. Level up your blockchain game with speed, security and real-time scalability.
EVM compatible
Cost Effective
Green PoS
Easy to Build
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Project Highlights

From essential world-class applications to unique dev-crafted offerings, DeFi to DAOs to Gaming, an expansive world of blockchain experiences await.


We welcome you to explore, ask questions and get involved as a valuable member of our decentralized community!


Ethereum compatibility means deploying to GC is as simple as updating a few lines of code. All the necessary tools are ready and waiting for you to create the next killer application on Gnosis Chain!


Experience the benefits of fast block times and low, stable transactions in a secure, eco-friendly blockchain environment. Push applications to their full potential without worry, pressure, or timing transactions.


Protect the ecosystem and earn GNO in the process! Stakers (validators) receive rewards for providing Proof-of-Stake consensus on the Gnosis Beacon Chain.


You can bridge xDai, GNO and many other tokens from Ethereum and BSC to GC to get started. You can also get assets directly on GC without starting on another chain, the choice is yours.




XDAI is the perfect token for conducting stable transactions. It inherits the high availability and liquidity of DAI from Ethereum while providing a one-token, no-volatility method to pay for both fees (gas costs) and goods/services/P2P transactions on the xdai chain.


Beacon Chain Proof-of-Stake security is made possible by the GNO token. Validators stake GNO and receive incentives for correct block production. GNO holders can participate in governance by voting on ecosystem proposals originating on the Gnosis forum.



Prior to the Gnosis chain merger, STAKE was used for PoS consensus on the xDai chain. While this is still the case in the short term, the ecosystem will transition to GNO-only staking when the Gnosis Chain and Gnosis Beacon Chain merge. We highly recommend swapping your STAKE for GNO as soon as possible! Swapping will only be available until May of 2022.

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Available Until May 31, 2022

Beacon Chain

Gnosis Beacon Chain (GBC) is the consensus layer designed to compliment and support the wider Ethereum ecosystem. The Gnosis Chain will merge with the GBC consensus layer just prior to the Ethereum merge.

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GC Green Initiative

Gnosis Chain is committed to carbon reduction and eco-friendly operations. The chain is designed to produce minimal emissions. We’ve also partnered with Offestra to analyze and take action, offsetting much more carbon than the chain currently produces. In addition, the Gnosis Chain GreenDAO is spearheading unique green initiatives and offerings for projects that call the GC home.

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