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Experience a fully-fledged, accelerated beacon network with real-world value, fast block and epoch times, bountiful incentives, and a vibrant, interconnected community ecosystem. Designed for maximal innovation and radical decentralization. Welcome to the Gnosis Beacon Chain.

We invite you to access, experiment, and explore the consensus layer at supersonic speed.

Validator Diversity

Validating GBC requires only a single GNO*, lowering the barrier of entry to an open & decentralized blockchain. Contributors around the globe who want to run a node and participate in staking consensus can.

Application Iteration

In a lower-stakes, accelerated environment, production-grade modeling is available at your fingertips! Run real-world scenarios and new features without fear of catastrophic loss. A dynamic user group is ready, willing, and eager to beta.

Experimentation & Innovation

Distinct chain parameters (like faster blocks) facilitate a nimble, iterative environment. With value on the line and the prospect of real-world adversaries, users consider risk/reward carefully and behave accordingly. Optimize applications, speculate on scenarios, and quickly iterate with new functionality.


Lower stake commitments create opportunities for many more validators and diversity amongst participants. Novel staking dynamics promote a healthy, independent, globally-connected validator network.


GBC is tuned for shorter epoch times, ERC20-enabled deposits* and upgradeability. This allows the protocol to evolve alongside changing conditions and requirements, and act in a companion-chain capacity for consensus layer upgrades.


GNO for voting gives all users a voice within an open-community structure. Validators can weigh in and vote on proposed changes, participating in the governance process alongside the broader GNO community.

*Deposits on GBC are made using the mGNO metatoken, a tradeable version of GNO. 32 mGNO = 1 GNO.

Become a GBC Validator!


Validators provide a vital security service, and there are risks and responsibilities. Be sure you are ready and willing to participate.

Know your Responsibilities


Use pre-configured hardware from DappNode or follow an easy
step-by-step process to setup and run independent validator node(s).

Prepare and Deploy


Once your node(s) are up-and-running, deposit 1 GNO per validator and start earning incentives for providing chain protection and security.

Make a Deposit


Once the infrastructure is in place, you will deposit 1 GNO per validator node.

Make a Deposit


If your node is penalized for non-participation, you may need to top-off your balance to receive full rewards and lower the risk of ejection from the validator set.

Top-off your Balance

Accelerating Ethereum

Gnosis Chain (Execution layer with EVM) is a fully Ethereum-compatible companion chain with low fees, a native stablecoin, and thriving ecosystem of dApps.

Gnosis Chain: Execution Layer

GNO Token

Validators use the GNO token to provide Proof-of-Stake consensus protection for GBC.

Validators use the GNO token to provide Proof-of-Stake consensus protection for GBC.

Built to Last

GNO was launched in 2017 and has a proven track record as an effective governance token.


Using an ERC20 token gives greater protocol flexibility than a native token.

Well Defined

GNO (and mGNO) supply is purposefully constrained. Locking GNO in the GBC further limits supply, increasing security.

mGNO is a tradeable version of GNO, a metatoken similar to wrapped tokens like WETH. 32 mGNO = 1 GNO token.

GBC Partners & Clients

GBC Future RoadMap

Nov. 2021
GBC testnet launched
Dec. 2021
GBC launch
Mar. 2022
Liquid staking
Late 2022
Merge with Gnosis Chain (former xDai)
Withdrawals enabled