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The Community-
Run Chain

Gnosis Chain is one of the first Ethereum sidechains and has stayed true to its values.

By allowing contributors around the globe to easily run a node, Gnosis Chain is secured by over 200k validators. Its diverse validator set and the community governance ensure Gnosis Chain remains credibly neutral at a much lower price point than mainnet.


Gnosis Chain

From user-friendly wallets to low gas fees, and trust minimized bridges to mainnet, users always come first on Gnosis Chain.

Choose Your Wallet

Find the wallet that fits your needs based on the features you want with Gnosis Wallets. Or, simply add Gnosis to MetaMask!

Gas on Gnosis is Paid for in xDai

Buy xDai or use our faucet to get started today.

Bridge Funds to Gnosis

Bridge funds between Gnosis and other chains in one click using or take a deep dive into the technology keeping our bridges secure.

Explore the Gnosis Ecosystem

Where builders and hackers have been pushing the envelope since 2018.

Where to Use GNO

Explore all the ways to use GNO on Gnosis Chain and Ethereum.

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Community Powered, Developer Focused

Gnosis Chain is EVM-based and secured by at-home stakers around the world. Gnosis has all the tooling you are used to and trustless bridges to mainnet soon.

Per 100K Gas
5 Sec

Resilience and Credible Neutrality Are Gnosis Core Values.

Secured by a geographically diverse set of validators, Gnosis Chain is a community-owned, anti-fragile network. Gnosis has a strong culture of homestakers running nodes from their homes, that are not reliant on cloud providers or datacenters.

Cost to Start

Self-Governance, Together

As a DAO, anyone can participate in decision making about the development of Gnosis. We are a vibrant community founded on the values of early Ethereum. GNO is the staking token of Gnosis and the governance token for the GnosisDAO. Use your voice to take a stand on issues, weigh in on proposals, and shape the future of Gnosis.


DApps Powered by Gnosis



The OGs of NFTs

POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol) are redeemable non-fungible tokens proving that you’ve attended an event virtually or in-person. Each POAP is a gift from an issuer to collectors. Your POAPs are a curated on-chain record of community contributions, experiences, and on-chain voting.

Over 5 million POAPs have been minted on Gnosis Chain to date.

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Dark Forest

Dark Forest

Pushing the Envelope of Blockchain Gaming

Dark Forest is a fully decentralized and persistent RTS (real-time strategy) game. Built with zkSNARK technology by the 0xparc collective on Optimism, Dark Forest is an engineering feat with incredible UX that proves what can be built on-chain.

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The Leading Decentralized Betting Protocol That Anyone Can Build on Top Of

Azuro addresses key pain points associated with centralized betting and blockchain prediction markets alike. Getting the best of both worlds is finally possible.

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On-chain Universal Basic Income

Circles is a blockchain based UBI powered by a self-curating web-of-trust-based architecture, allowing communities to bootstrap a mutual credit system.

More at Circles


Building the Future of Giving

Giveth is a public goods, peer-to-peer direct funding platform that allows you to donate your crypto to the causes you care about, completely on-chain.

More at Giveth
Gnosis DApps Ecosystem

Explore the Gnosis DApps Ecosystem

Explore All of Our DApps

A Portal to the Gnosis Chain Ecosystem.

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We’re building the infrastructure for the open-internet. A resilient and credibly neutral network open to anyone without privilege or prejudice. Be a part of a team leading the web3 movement.

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