Gnosis Core Devs Call Notes July 12, 2023

July 12, 2023

Client Team Updates


  • Nethermind: yParity mismatch on ethers@v6. Going to look into this. New config variables for Teku (default ones) fixed the issue with newer version. No updates
  • Erigon: Erigon v3 is a fundamental rearchitecture for the data structures.Old state is read-only and can be stored on IPFS / torrent
    Caplin: New embedded CL, UX improvement. Can save on the disk footprint because you don’t need to duplicate blocks between EL and CL
    Might also become a validator client.
  • Geth: Burner contract was missing. Rewards are still being figured out because the contract doesn’t return anything despite a reward having to be paid. Wondering if there’s an archive node for Guillaume. Ping Anna from Gateway on Telegram


  • Lighthouse No updates.


Preliminary audit done, waiting for formal approval.
Dappnode packages done.
We need new ones for Erigon and Nimbus.
Sedge: right versions?
Avado, Stereum?

Hive Tests

Erigon still in progress
Added transfer event checks
Separated execution layer checks from protocol layer checks
The dashboard works and is ready to be deployed
The question is how this is going to fit into the workflow, where it’s going to be hosted and who’s going to manage it
Will be talked about with Marcos
Looking into adding more corner cases before the shapella hard fork


Contract not upgraded yet, will be done today

Chain Infra

Gateway: Experiences some issues on Nethermind nodes when there’s too many concurrent requests. Still investigating this. Will ping on Telegram


Verkle trees: On mainnet a billion nodes will have to be updated, which will be done in batches. On Gnosis Chain, as the blocks are faster, there’s less work to calculate those batches. Gnosis Chain seems to have way less accounts: about 1 million according to Gnosisscan, does that seem correct?

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