GnosisDAO Votes for Integration of Hashi, An Upgrade To Gnosis Chain’s Canonical Bridges, Setting New Standards In Cross-Chain Security

April 5, 2024

The GnosisDAO community approved the proposal to integrate Hashi, the additive security framework into Gnosis Chain's canonical bridges this week on April 2nd, 2024. The positive result of the vote marks a significant step forward in cross-chain security and interoperability. 

The Hashi upgrade significantly enhances the security and decentralization of these bridges. The integration introduces advanced security measures, mitigates systemic risks, and ensures the Gnosis Chain ecosystem remains resilient against the evolving landscape of security threats.

Philippe Schommers, Head of Infrastructure at Gnosis said, “The successful implementation of Hashi is expected to not only enhance the security and decentralization of Gnosis Chain's bridges, but also to reinforce the ecosystem's attractiveness to users and developers alike. By setting a new standard for secure, decentralized cross-chain transactions, Gnosis Chain is poised to lead the way in fostering greater user confidence and promoting widespread adoption of additive cross-chain technology.”

GnosisDAO has a history of prioritizing bridge security, underscored by its funding of ZK-SNARK research, support of Succinct Labs, and the successful integration of a ZK-light client to secure Gnosis Chain's Omnibridge.

The integration of Hashi, a protocol initially conceived within GnosisDAO in response to numerous bridge security breaches, represents the culmination of these efforts. With over $800 million in Total Value Locked (TVL) secured by its canonical bridges, Omnibridge and xDAI, this integration is set to strengthen Gnosis Chain's infrastructure against the possible backdrops of an ever-evolving security landscape. 

This is a step towards the goal of establishing Gnosis Chain as the only Layer 1 blockchain with such advanced bridge security measures.

Key highlights of the approved proposal include a detailed plan to allocate $250,000, 50% in USD and 50% in 1-year-time locked GNO towards the integration effort. This budget is meticulously structured to cover all critical aspects of the integration process, from the design and development of the integration plan, to the performance of comprehensive security audits, the execution of the migration and the governance configuration. 

Looking ahead, Gnosis Chain will integrate Hashi within 6 months, using its momentum to conduct a follow-up vote.  This will help determine the initial set of security mechanisms to be configured and added to Hashi, further empowering the Gnosis community in the decision-making process.

At the heart of this strategic plan is the Cross-Chain Alliance, an experienced team dedicated to driving the project and advancing Hashi as a robust framework for securing cross-chain communication. The Alliance’s mission is to progress the cross-chain space in a collaborative way as shown by Hashi and previous developments including, Safe-Crosschain, a simple module crafted to empower users with the ability to control a Safe across different blockchains and panDA, a security-first abstraction layer for Data Availability, inspired by Hashi's ethos of additive security.

For more information on Hashi and its implications for the Gnosis ecosystem, please visit the GnosisDAO governance forum.

About the Cross-chain Alliance

The Cross-Chain Alliance aims to become the neutral ground where industry players will collectively build the foundation for a better cross-chain future, relying on open standards and shared ownership.

To achieve this objective, the Alliance is focused on developing cross-chain public goods such as Hashi and Safe Cross-chain.

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